Living and Working in London-An Intern’s view


Thilde from Denmark is living and working in London for 2 weeks. Here is her second blog describing her experiences at Tti and in London!

My second week at Tti is now done and I’m going home tomorrow, I’m so sad to leave because I’m just starting to get to know people and now I have to leave. It’s been a real pleasure to have this internship at Tti, absolutely the most friendly people and kind to work with so I’m going to miss this place. If I had to study English and become better at the language, I would without any doubt choose Tti (note that!)


This week we’ve welcomed new students and I’ve been getting tasks that require more responsibility, such as checking invoices and checking attendance and things like that.  Also, I was asked to lead a tour for our social programme for this week. I had to take the students to the Natural History Museum, which is in South Kensington. We went on Wednesday and we had a blast! It was so cool to see all kinds of things from the past and new things that scientists have found recently, I would definitely recommend you to go there!


This week we’ve had some partners visiting us, just make sure everything is as it should be and see our different accommodations. It was really exciting to experience, and to prepare for them to come.

Also, we’ve been preparing for the Halloween Party we are having at Cafe Chula which is in Camden Town on Thursday 25th October.

I haven’t got that much time this week to hang out with my friends, because I was tired when I got home, but on Tuesday I went  with three of my friends to a restaurant called Bills (42 Kingsway, London, WC2B 6EY), it was a bit pricey but it was worth it!

I invited two of my girlfriends to the Halloween Party, and we dressed up as three devil girls. We had fun and people were very scary and had made a lot of effort with their costumes. It was so great to experience!


We have leavers day today and we said goodbye to a bunch of people, Marianne always says it’s Friday so we are not sad, but just a bit because we have to say goodbye to some of the students.


Also, I got a goodbye gift, which was so kind and sweet and I really appreciate it, so Thank you for everything Tti Team!

Thanks to you Thilde! It was a pleasure having you work with us! Thanks also for your contribution to our blog! To find out more about our school please visit our website:

Christmas and New Year in London


Christmas and New Year are just around the corner and unlike many other schools, Tti School stays open during the holidays! Every year we offer a course for our current students and students visiting London for those two weeks who wish to improve their English.


The content of the lessons will depend on the makeup of the classes – our syllabus and lesson plans are negotiated depending on students’ needs, lacks and wants. But everybody should expect fun lessons led by experienced teachers who will incorporate Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening skills as well as work on Grammar, Vocabulary and Pronunciation. You may have a lesson explaining the mystery of the Loch Ness Monster in Scotland that will incorporate listening tasks, vocabulary building and speaking presentations. Or practice a comprehensive list of phrasal verbs around decorating the house for Christmas. Or even complex grammar points used to express the future, to give advice and recommendation and even grammar needed to speculate, hypothesise and complain.


Of course, Christmas and New Year is a special time to visit London and students should expect some of the lessons to incorporate some of the traditions and themes of Christmas. As well as the lessons, our always exciting Social Programme is particularly special during the holidays with plenty of activities with the best the city has to offer in this magical time. We have planned visits to galleries, museums and special exhibitions, visits to traditional restaurants and award-winning pubs as well as Winter Festivals and even the giant Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square – in the heart of historical London. Not to mention the fantastic Sales in the West End where all prices get dramatically reduced on the 26th of December.


The school atmosphere is cosy and oh so very festive with our Christmas decorations and mince pies to snack on while in class. It’s a very special period to study in London and we guarantee that you will have the best of times!

Christmas & NY course (4)

To find out more about our Christmas and New Year course please follow this link: