English + Volunteering Work Experience

You might not know that as well as providing English language courses, we also help students to find jobs on our English + Volunteering Work Experience programme. If you study with us for four weeks (minimum), we’ll help you find a job with a local charity, like Oxfam. Read Francesca’s blog about her experience so far…


I’m Francesca, a student from Italy. I’m taking an English + Volunteering work experience  programme in London, and I will be here for a month.

Tti School is, in my opinion, like a big family, where all the people work very hard to make the students feel good during all the period they stay there. It means that they think about how to have fun learning English, staying always in a safe environment. The lessons are divided in different ways, so each student can choose the one that is most needed for himself. For example, I’m having a morning class and then, after a break, I usually eat lunch, I have a second lesson, the speaking lesson in Option 1. In both the situations I feel  completely good, both with the teachers, that are always ready to answers to all the questions we have, and with the other students, with who we usually interact lot of time during the lesson. I find this way to learn much more helpful than a classic grammar English class because during the lessons we are all in the centre of some dialogues with the others. So we learn English not only by writing it, but also by speaking. And the fact that in the class there are lot of students from different countries, helps me to speak English in a spontaneous way.

After the first test, it is possible to increase or reduce the level if the classes are too easy or difficult. Personally I didn’t find the necessity to change class, but I know different people who, also with the advice of the teachers, changed class without problem.

In the afternoon, like the programme says, I do 3 hours of work as a volunteer in an Oxfam shop that is easily accessible from the school by walking. The shop is quite small but cute. Here, I and all the others volunteers do lot of different kind of jobs; steaming, pricing clothes and objects, and be the shop assistant at the till are just some of the things we usually do here all the day. There are all the things we need in the shop, the kitchen, the toilet and a place where to leave our bags with our personal things. Also here, with so many people from different countries we speak lot of English, both with colleagues, and with the owners, who are always ready to teach us how to do new things. About speaking English, the most helpful thing is the experience at the till, because here we test our skills in speaking and listening to the costumers.

Talking about the school social programme activities, the afternoon between 2pm and 5pm are full! Things I’ve done are; the tour of the Tate Modern, a very nice experience. I would like to do more things, but I know that is difficult to find something that satisfy all the parameters with work.

I’m really happy and satisfied with the experience I’m having now and I will tell to everyone that is interested to try it once!




Thanks, Francesca! It sounds like you’re having a fun and valuable experience!

If you would like more information about English+ Volunteering Work Experience programme, click here, or get in touch by email info@ttischool.com


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