Living and Working in London. An intern’s view.

Here is the latest blog post from our fantastic intern Nancy! She updates us with all the new from Tti as well as what she has been up to at work and in her free time in London!

If someone would have asked me three months ago, what I imagined London and my internship there to be like, I would have said: I am not sure if I’ll like it in such a big city and I don’t know if the work is not too boring or too busy. But now I can say I like London and being an intern at Tti very much. I can’t tell you anything that I don’t like! I am very happy and grateful for this chance!

Now here is a short update about the activities that have taken place at Tti over the last few weeks. We had a lovely Language Exchange evening with our nice teacher James. I would absolutely recommend this kind of activity because you always get the chance to meet new people and to speak to them in English. So, you can make new friends and you can improve your English. That’s perfect isn’t it?Langugae Exchange

In addition we went on a Pub Crawl around Angel, also with our lovely teacher James. Thanks a lot to James! The same night the Tti Team went to the charity pub quiz for Zimbabwe Rural Schools Development Programme. It was a great time even though the questions were difficult. It was very nice to sit together and to have a chat with my colleagues and to spend money for a good reason.Thanks to Sian, Ophelia and John A for a lovely evening!

Charity Pub Quiz

Furthermore we had to say goodbye to our lovely staff member Angela. It was really sad but we wish her all the best and good luck for her future. Her speech was quite emotional and because of it  everyone really understood what the Tti Spirit means! Goodbye Angela and hopefully you will visit us again one day!

An other suggestion of Tti was the Ministry of Sound. I went there with some students. If you like techno music I would recommend this club. Then we had also went on the Capital Loop walk. Thank you very much to our new teacher Sally for going with our students from Highgate to Finsbury Park. Our students told me they had a great time. The Tti team had furthermore a lovely idea to have a picnic in Regents Park,which is really close to the school but because of the bad weather we couldn’t go, but maybe next time. However, the most exciting event for our students was Tti’s Annual Spring Party 2017!!! It was a nice evening with my colleagues, the teachers and of course with our students! We had a Karaoke room at Proud Camden next to the Camden Market. It’s always good see new locations in London, so go for it and join the Tti team at these events.

Then we had a long weekend because of the May Day, the Bank Holiday. I went with some students and a friend from Berlin to Greenwich by boat it was absolutely lovely. If you like green grass, nature in general and colorful flowers then you should go to Greenwich. We went on the boat and the boat trip is very cheap for students at just £11.50 return. One way takes just 30 minutes. Furthermore we had the most delicious pizza I’ve ever eaten. It was a recommendation of an Italian student, of course! The restaurant is called Metro Pizza in Notting Hill Gate. If you’re very hungry and if you love pizza you MUST go there. In addition we had a walk around the London Eye. The next time there should be a lot of events like the Underbelly Festival or Comedy and so on. We visited there the Street Food Market and had an ice cream directly in front of the London Eye, a lovely view.


I hope you had also a great long weekend. Thanks for reading my blog.

Best wishes,


Thanks again Nancy for your brilliant contributions to our blog. If you would like more information about Tti School of English then just visit our website

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