News from our Exam Course students.

Our Autumn FCE and CAE exam preparation courses started a couple of weeks ago and we asked our students to tell us what their expectations from the course were, and here are a few of their answers:

FCE Student Expectations at the start of their course:


“To improve my vocabulary. To read texts faster. To understand properly the texts and listening excersies.” Maria

“To improve my vocabulary and my knowledge of grammar. To speak more confidently.” Guido

“To improve my English, learn new things and speak more fluently”. Manuel

CAE Student Expectations at the start of their course:


“I really need to improve my speaking and I need to work on my vocabulary”. Agnes

“ I expect that we will do a lot exam tasks and that we will often write essays, reviews etc”. Janine

“My expectations are to learn different things from the period that I have spent in the General English classes.”. Santiago

“To improve my vocabulary, to use the verb tenses more correctly and improve my writing”. Manuelle

Now they have been on the course for two full weeks we returned to their classes and asked them how the course had been meeting their expectations and how they felt they were improving, here is what they said:

FCE students two weeks into the course:

“I am improving all my skills that I need to pass the exam”. Maria

“I expected everything that I am getting from this course, a lot of practise of FCE tasks, and the best way to prepare for the test”. Guido

“I think I’m on the right track”. Manuel

CAE students two weeks into the course:

“I feel more relaxed in speaking than before and I have learned more vocabulary already. The course is really helpful to make fast progress”. Agnes

“I’m glad that we do a lot exam tasks. So I think I will be well prepared for the exam after 8 weeks. I’ve learned a lot new words and also strategies for the different tasks in the first two weeks”. Janine

“I’m completely satisfied about everything we have been learning and I’m looking forward to what will come”. Santiago

“I feel that I’m improving my vocabulary and that I have the tools I need to improve my writing and grammar skills”. Manuelle

We will check in on our CAE and FCE students again shortly to see how they are finding the course and to see their incredible progress.

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