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Did you know that here at Tti we have a variety of work experience courses? You can combine your studies with voluntary, paid and professional jobs. Want to

IMG_4408study and work in London? Check out what Alessia, one of our former students, and currently working in an art gallery, has to say about her experience.

My London experience started in the beginning of October when I arrived in the city for the first time. I didn’t know what to expect, I only knew that I wanted to improve my English. I came to the school the next morning and the experience officially started. I had found such a lovely place where to spend my time in the right way, I mean, learning English but also having fun and meeting people from literally all over the word: yes, this is Tti School!

All the people in the school, especially the staff, were so kind and available to assist you in every situation that I can’t thank them enough for all the help they gave me. I felt as if this was my second home. Moreover, I improved my English thanks to the lessons that were always different from each other and this stimulates you and never makes you feel bored. I strongly recommend Tti School to everyone – actually I’ve already recommended it to my friends and family. :o)  I planned to do an internship in London once the school had finished so, in my free time after school, I had some interviews. Once I decided the right position between all the ones I had interviewed for, I felt more relaxed and enjoyed the last few weeks in school. And I still miss them all.

alessia leavers ceremony

I started working on the 5th November. I’m currently working in a Japanese Gallery as an intern. I think this kind of experience (school + internship) is a very good start point for people like me who have studied English all their lives but never had a chance to practice much. The school allows and prepares you to be more confident with English. This will make you feel more confident even at work where you will continue to improve your language skills for sure. Another important thing is that you can add some experience to your CV that was and still is one of my main goals. In essence my aspiration, as well as improving my English, is to learn and add some new skills to my portfolio and feel more confident in the future work experiences I will have.

the japanese gallery

Now it’s only been three weeks since I’ve started working there and a few days ago I felt some doubts about what I was doing. I had the impression that I wasn’t doing a good job and even that what I was doing was not useful for my desired work future – I want to be an Events Planner. But all was solved after I spoke to my boss who assured me in every way. So don’t be scared to show your doubts and talk to the right people that can help you. And I sincerely wish all the best to everyone who wants to have a similar experience!

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