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E-Learning - Tti School's gift to our students.

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Tti's E-learning page is an online learning platform that is available to our students throughout their stay and for three months after their last day in school!

It doesn't matter if you're with us for a year or a week, if you study Monday-Friday, you will have access to this additional learning tool!

The platform contains hundreds of lessons and many different ways to study. In the Study Plan tab you can practise all the skills of English, through a variety of topics. It's an intelligent system that adapts to your needs; as you progress and the lessons become a little easy, the plan changes and becomes more challenging.

In the Flash Point tab you can practise your grammar, your comprehension skills and learn new vocabulary through current news articles from all over the English speaking world.

And if you're planning to take a Cambridge Exam (First, Advanced and Proficiency) or the IELTS, there are dozens of practice tests on the platform. These complement the exam preparation courses we offer perfectly!

Not only that, you can have a closed study group with your classmates, your teacher can set you homework through the page and there's even a free grammar app to download to your phone!

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