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General English - 20 lessons per week

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20-lesson General English is our most popular course, offering you the perfect balance between learning and free time. So as well as developing your English language skills including grammar, vocabulary, communicating and pronunciation, you can enjoy the freedom to develop new friendships and discover London's famous culture.

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We offer two timetables for General English courses with 20 lessons per week. The morning timetable has a pure general English focus. Meanwhile, the afternoon timetable has a slightly more academic flavour, thanks to the second option class which focuses on topics such as writing genres, exam preparation, study skills and use of grammar in context.
Whichever timetable you choose, you’ll have the pleasure of learning from the very best teachers – who really know how to bring the English language to life. 
  • Learn to communicate effectively with others both in written and spoken English
  • Use and understand a wide vocabulary and accurate grammar confidently and naturally
  • Enjoy free time to explore London, participate in our social programme, socialise in our lounge and patio, or simply put your feet up and relax
  • Short and long-term courses available for every level from beginner to advanced
  • Learn techniques to continue your learning independently when you leave Tti


Course content

  • General English classes – mixing group activities with individual tasks, these classes cover a range of topics that meet the needs and interests of the group
  • Option classes – covering the key topics of conversation, pronunciation and grammar, these sessions give you a chance to focus on your weaker areas. Option 1 from 12:30pm to 1:20pm focuses on your Communicative skills; i.e. conversation practice, pronunciation, vocabulary in context . Option 2 from 1:30pm to 2:20pm has a slightly more academic flavour, focusing on topics such as writing genres, exam preparation, study skills and use of grammar in context. Option classes can also be changed, giving your timetable more flexibility and variety.
  • Homework and e-learning – personalised to your individual development areas
  • Regular tutorials – to monitor your progress and help with your personalised e-study plan


Timetable Options

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9:00am 10:00am 11:00am 12:00 1:00pm 2:00pm 3:00pm 4:00pm
General English (9:00-11:50am) 15 lessons            
        Option 1 (12:30-1:20pm) 5 lessons         
          Option 2 (1:30-2:20pm) 5 lessons       
            General English (2:30-4:10pm) 10 lessons   


Class days* Monday - Friday
Class times

9am - 1:20pm OR
12:30 - 4:10pm

No. of 50-minute lessons per week 20
Hours per week 16.7
Maximum Class size 15
Levels Beginner - Advanced


Prices for Number of Study Weeks
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 10  >10 weekly price
£306 £578 £867 £1156 £1445 £1560 £1820 £2080  £2600  +£230


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"I would recommend Tti School to my friends because it was exactly what I needed, the lessons were perfect for my level. I learned a lot and never got bored. I had a whale of a time!"