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Idiom in a box

Around the school you will find these art boxes. They have been made by Bridie, one of the Directors of Tti, as a fun way of illustrating some of the many strange idioms and expressions we might us in English.

Idiom in a box

Expressions involving 'heart'

3 BOXES.jpg

Her heart is in the right place (she means well)

Her heart is set on a new doll (she is really hoping for this)

He wears his heart on his sleeve (he can't hide his feelings)

Don't tell her it will break her heart (it will really upset her)

I'm going to have a heart to heart with her (I'm going to have an honest conversation)

When I heard the news my heart sank (I felt very sad, very worried)

Don't take it to heart (Don't worry too much about what you will hear).


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