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At the beginning of each month you will be given a full programme of social activities so you can plan your time here in London.

There is so much to do in Camden every night of the week. You will never get bored.  Here at the school  we have quiz nights, karaoke, talent nights and international food evenings.   We often go and listen to live music or go to the  theatre in the centre of town.  Other times we go skating, bowling, visit Salsa bars, clubs, or see a  film at the  cinema just around the corner.

There are also a couple of gyms just two minutes away from the school, so it is possible to come to London, learn English - and stay fit!

If you take part in any of the social activities you will make friends with other students  from around the world!  We have a great mix of students from over 27 countries - Find out where they have come from to study with us here at Tti.