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Opening a Bank Account

We have an arrangement with our school bank for our students to be able to open bank accounts during their stay in London. All you have to do is pop into reception and we will take care of the administration and explain the requirements.

Visa Applications

We are able to provide all the necessary documentation for visa applications once you have enrolled at our school. If you are enrolling from abroad we are happy to send you everything you need with an understanding that your fees will be refunded if your visa application is not succesful for any reason.

Here is a description of the enrolment procedure for students who need to apply for a visa:

  1. First you should check with the British embassy or consulate in your country what kind of visa you need, and how long it will take to apply for it.
    (Note: Tti School is accredited by the British Council, and is on the DfES Register of Approved Providers, so it is possible to get a visa to study with us.)
  2. Then choose your course at Tti School. To apply for a visa you will need to choose a course of 20 lessons per week or more.
  3. The visa officials may also want to know where you plan to stay in London. You may arrange your own accommodation, or we can arrange your accommodation for a fee of £55. To check availability, or if you have any specific questions, please e-mail us at
  4. To reserve homestays or Tti self-catering study rooms, we also need to receive a deposit of the first two weeks’ accommodation. To reserve a hostel room you only need to pay the £55 accommodation finding fee. Money paid for accommodation cannot be refunded.
  5. When you have chosen your course please complete the application form
  6. To reserve your course you must pay a deposit of £255 (£100 for courses of less than 4 weeks). On the form, say whether you would like to pay your deposit by credit card or bank transfer.
  7. When we receive your deposit we will write a letter confirming your course and send it to you. You will need this letter to apply for a visa.
  8. If your visa is refused, we can refund course fees you have paid, less £255/£100 administration charge (= your deposit). In this case we will need to see the original embassy’s rejection letter.
  9. When you get your visa, please confirm that you will be attending your course, and pay the balance of your fees two weeks before your course begins.


We recommend that all Tti students have insurance that covers their health, course cancellation and possessions during their stay in London.

You can either arrange this independently or take out student cover with ‘Course-u-can’ a company that specializes in Student Insurance Cover and that many of our students have found to offer a very good package.

Airport Transfers

At Tti we can arrange transfers to and from all London airports.

The school will invoice you so you do not need to pay the taxi driver.

All you have to do is request this service on your application form clearly stating the arrival time, flight number, terminal and airport.

Airport Taxi:

One-way pick up
or drop off
Return Transfer
Heathrow £110 £170
London City £110 £170
Gatwick £120 £180
Luton £120 £180
Stansted £120 £180
Eurostar (St Pancras International) £85 £120
Victoria Station £85 £120

*Any journeys on bank holidays will incur a £30 surcharge

Supplement for second passenger (to same destination) £45

All Prices Inclusive of Car Parking Charges.

Finding work

Many of our longer-term students find part-time jobs while they are in London. These jobs provide valuable work experience and help with the costs of living in London. Students also have to use English in ‘real life’ situations which improves their language skills.

The types of job you may be able to get will depend on many things, especially your level of English. Many of our students get jobs serving in shops, restaurants, bars and cafes.There are also jobs like cleaning and working in restaurant kitchens.

An important step to getting a good job is to present yourself well, and this means producing a Curriculum Vitae (CV, or resume in American English). The school will help you to write the best English CV possible, and we’ll help you with application forms or anything else where the language makes something difficult for you. We will also give you a list of local employers that we know regularly take on student staff.

We can’t guarantee to find you work but we can make the job-hunting easier for you.