Interview with Former Tti Student, Begonia Romero about life in London after Tti and The Language & Cultural Exchange at The Sheephaven Bay in Camden

Hi there! This is Bego. I came to London to improve my English with a view to staying here for a couple of months and here I am after more than 2 years!

I studied Advertising and PR in Spain, and English is vital in this industry. When I first arrive in London my English wasn’t good at all, but I found a job as a bartender. Then my English improved and with it my career opportunities. I started organizing events in the pub where I work and doing some internships to get experience in Marketing.

I enjoy every second in this city. There’s a big range of cultural and social activities. Places like Meet up or Couchsurfing are great sources to find them. You never stop meeting people.

 Tti : What was one of your fondest memories of your time at Tti ?

I have a lot of good memories from my time at Tti because I met really good friends over there. One of the best  was the Halloween party which was really good fun and I won a prize for my fancy dress! You can see some pictures here



Tti : Why have you decided to stay in good old Londontown?

London is such an amazing city! I absolutely fell in love with it during my first few days. It’s a vibrant city with a lot of opportunities and social activities to join. It’s impossible to get bored here!  As it’s said “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life”. I couldn’t agree more

 Tti :What was something about English culture that took a long time for a Spanish girl to get used to?

Parties! The schedules here are very different from our schedules in Spain. In my country we usually go out at the same time as the average pub closes here! But you just have to get use to it and start partying earlier. It has its benefits as well (especially the next day!)

 Tti :How did the Language and Cultural Exchange get started at the Sheephaven Bay , a lovely Irish pub in Camden?

I had the idea of organizing the group because when I first arrive to London I started attending some other groups and I think they are a great way to practice languages with native speakers and to meet new people, especially when you are new in the city.

I studied events organization and working in the Sheephaven Bay I saw a good chance to create a group for practicing languages and to have social activities. The Sheephaven is a great place for these kinds of events. We have a room reserved just for us, plus the beer garden, which is lovely during the summer!

Check it out here:

 Tti :What other events do you have going on at the Sheephaven?

We have a pub quiz every Monday, live Irish music on Fridays and then parties every now and then. We also show every major sport live. The Sheephaven is a must-see place for Saint Patrick’s Day

 Tti :Have you learnt any Irish expressions working in this Irish pub? Could you teach us some ? :)

Yeah, it took me long time to understand them! The most common ones are “What’s the crack?”, “What’s the story?”, “Yous” as the plural of you or “A pint of stout” instead of a pint Guinness

 Tti :What are your goals or objectives now for the future?

I always have so many plans in mind. My dream is to open my own pub in Camden. I know it’s difficult but… who knows?! I think everything is possible with patience and effort

You can join the Language and Cultural Exchange every Monday ! Check the Social Programme Calendar and board for more details! 

Huge thanks to Bego for taking the time to write this post for us! Are you a Tti Alumni and have a story to share? Please get in touch at . We’d love to hear from you!

Our Favourite Olympic Moments!!


This week, Tti students and staff joined together on the comfty couches to enjoy some international snacks and the figure skating on the big screen TV in the study lounge!

While students enjoyed the triple axels, Mel interviewed the students on their favourite Olympic moments in history.

Luke (a Tti teacher and a great singer!) said he really enjoyed watching the boxing live at the Olympics in London in 2012! He watched about 10 matches!!

Thibault from France said the skiing was his most preferred sport to watch while most of the students said they loved the opening ceremony at the London 2012 Olympics!! :) Especially the Queen and Daniel Craig’s cameos!

Deborah said she ‘ll always remember Marie-José Pérec who  is now a retired, French track and field sprinter who specialised in the 200 and 400 meters.

While our Italian Giacomo loved Steve Bradbury’s speed skating skills , our Koreans were thrilled that Yuna Kim made it to first place for figure skating!!

Shazleen loves shot-putting and actually played it at school!! Elena loved the 2004 Athens’ Opening ceremony as it reminds her of summertime.

Our Japanese student, Chisato, loves swimming and Justine loved the lady who won the Judo gold medal!! (I cant’ remember her name!)

Leo , our Brazilian , loves bobsledding!

We’d love to hear from our former students what their favourite Olympic memories are ! Get in touch !


When His Royal Purpleness (Prince!) came to the Electric Ballroom in Camden Town

Prince played a surprise gig in Camden Town and our D.O.S and resident Prince fanatic, Camilla Harrison , tells us all about it! 
ImageLast week with His Royal Purpleness (Prince) playing at The Electric Ballroom on the first night of his new tour with his new band (3rdEyeGirl) to promote his new album “Plectrum Electrum”, was there any doubt that I would do anything to be there!
In true Tti team style, Marianne started queuing outside the venue at midday, and was replaced by John and Sergio at 1pm who then stoically stayed in line the whole wet, cold afternoon to keep Tti a place!
By 6pm, Tti commanded a large part of the front(ish) part of the queue. The Tti Prince fans were: John, Ella (John’s wife), Sergio, Sonia, Ana, Walid, Matt, Marianne, Sam and, of course, ME!!!
I got right to the front and shortly afterwards the afro-haired Prince took to the stage with his all-girl band and played a set of fast-paced punk rock for an hour – so cool! He came on for two encores, by which time I couldn’t scream anymore and my voice had gone!
Seeing Prince perform so close to school, in a small venue with all my friends was the best birthday eve present EVER!!:)
Prince is going to be in London for a while. As he said in a recent interview on 6 Music “We’re going to be here until people don’t want to hear us any more.” So, if you have the chance, go and see him, he is worth queuing for!Image