Billy Elliot , a Night Full Of Magic!

Written by Cinthia  Podlubny

Last Tuesday Tti went to the theatre! A group of students had the opportunity to enjoy one of the most acclaimed musicals of recent times: Billy Elliot.

For both, those who had seen the film and those who hadn’t seen it, the show was amazing. The scenarios, actors, voices and music were perfectly amalgamated to give life to one of the most emotional and entertaining stories that there is around !

The story chronicles the life of a guy who lives in a mining town located in the north of the UK, which at that time is suffering because the closure of coal mines. Billy lives with his widowed father, his older brother and his grandmother. He takes classes of boxing, but he is not interested in them at all. However, he is attracted to ballet classes that are held in the same gym and which he begins to take and we see a talent that even he didn’t know he possessed.Image

Under the ban of his father and brother but with the help of his teacher, Billy will give rise to the dance in his life. And he will follow his heart showing to them all the inner fire that drives it doesn’t allow for barriers.

Whoever who has the opportunity to see this musical do not hesitate. Tti students bet on a night full of magic and we found exactly what we were looking for.