Tti students visit Edinburgh, Scotland !

One of our students, Gizem,  took a trip to Edinburgh recently ! Here is what she thought about this beautiful medieval Scottish city!

I’ve always imagined since my childhood what kind of place Scotland was so I had to go to Scotland while I’m staying in London. In the end  three girls went to Scotland to Edinburgh. We chose the bus trip. We saw so many sheep without shepherds and all shades of green along the trip. We arrived to Edinburgh at noon.

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CPD – Continuing Professional Development at Tti School – Memorising Strategies Workshop with Luke

Here at Tti, we take CPD very seriously. We take great pride in the quality of our teaching staff, so it is only natural that we try our best to foster a culture of continuing professional development in our school. That’s where CPD comes in. There are three ways in which our teachers can further their knowledge and skills and that’s through external CPD sessions – offered by many organisations on a variety of themes; peer observations – where teachers learn from each other creating a great sense of shared collaboration and from our internal CPDs.

Every month, one of our teachers runs a session for the other teachers, drawing from their own expertise, skills and practical experience. So far this year we had How to teach active listening, Making the most of the internet and Boardwork, among others. Our latest CPD was run by Luke Murphy on Memory strategies and how we learn. It was fantastic! Over to you Luke: – ( Marianne Arake – Director of Studies)

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