Teaching Pronunciation in the classroom!

On Tuesday our teachers came together to have another CPD session, talking about teaching Pronunciation in class.

John and Huw

On Tuesday, several Tti teachers came together to talk about different approaches to teaching pronunciation in the classroom. The teacher development session, put together by Marianne and Joe, focused on two main areas: the basics of pronunciation theory and practical ideas for the classroom. Continue reading

The World is Your Oyster – How to get an Oyster card in London!

We asked our coffee bar monitor and student, Aitor, to tell us his advice on how to pick up an Oyster card when you arrive in London, how to top it up and protect it!

In Hong Kong the metro card is called the Octopus! In New York it’s the Metro card and in London it’s the Oyster! Did you know that “by June 2012, over 43 million Oyster cards had been issued and more than 80% of all journeys on public transport in London were made using the card” (Transport of London)? According to Wikipedia, the name Oyster was chosen because of “the association of London and the River Thames with oysters, and the well-known travel-related idiom the world is your oyster.

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Tti’s Social Programme – not one dull moment!

Our intern, Annie, had the exciting opportunity to join our daily Social Programme for a whole week. Read about her impressions and what she experienced! 

Last week was very exciting for me! I tried out the Social Programme – or SocProg in short – and participated in all activities for a whole week. The SocProg takes place every Monday to Thursday with different teachers and you can join in on any activity you want to – just make sure to sign up in reception before! On the weekends Tti makes exciting recommendations for different activities happening in and outside London! Let me tell you a little about the fantastic SocProg:

SocProg Board

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