Mike gives us a brief history of Reggae music & his top Reggae tracks!

Ahead of our teacher Mike’s Reggae Music Workshop this week, we asked him  to write a short post about what he loves about this musical genre, and to give us a brief history of the music while also introducing us to some of the lesser known reggae artists ! Scroll down to the bottom for a great other than Bob! :) 

“One good thing about music, when it hits you feel no pain.” “Hit me from the top, you crazy motherfunky.” (Bob Marley)


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Our 30 + Guest Speaker James on swimming the Channel & building communities in Zimbabwe !

Every week we invite a guest speaker to join our 30+ course for a presentation and group discussion. Last week it was James Herbertson who came to visit us! James is the director of London Nesta company which helps students to find the best accommodation in London! He has strong family roots in Zimbabwe and has swam the Channel to raise money for his charity which helps build communities there! Read more about him below!

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