CAE Diary # 4 – Speaking! Speaking! Speaking!

Our CAE student Morris fills us in on week 4 of the CAE Cambridge Exam course!

This week was another week of intensive learning but also a lot of fun. Now, having absolved half of the course, the exam, especially the speaking test, is coming closer and closer, which was why we focused on practicing speaking as much as possible this week. Therefore, we either watched videos of students managing the exam situation or simulated the situation by ourselves.

Day by day excitement is rising. To assess our contemporary progress of learning, we kicked of the week by doing a second mock exam, whose results made us feel quite confident. What I love about the course is that our teachers, who sometimes also would really like to throw us out of the window, even teach us around the lessons.

To sum up, it was another amazing week! Being part of Tti is an unforgettable experience!


Morris – Germany

CAE Spring Session 2015

CAE Diary: Part Three – Tips on Improving your English

Joe and Paola

The exam is getting closer but we are still excited to learn even more. The teachers are really positive about the development of our course and we all feel we are a team. I love the way how we spend the lessons in which we collaborate with each others, we give advice to the other students and we are always ready to improve our knowledges. Fantastic teachers who teach us all the exam’s strategies but particularly the strength we need to put in our practise and never give up at the first obstacle. Continue reading