Huw gives us his advice on how to stay fit in London!

A few weeks ago we suggested trying out Yoga – if that wasn’t the right thing for you we have another option! Our teacher Huw enjoys running and used to run up hills whilst carrying a bike when he lived up in the North a few years ago. London is quite busy and not comparable with the countryside but has still lots of good parks and amazing views to offer! We asked Huw to tell us how to stay fit and where to go for a run!

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Review of ‘Luna Gale’ at Hampstead Theatre!

We were invited to go and review ‘Luna Gale’ currently on at the Hampstead Theatre until the 19th of July. Our teacher Huw writes his thoughts on the play and says it’s a must see!

I’ve not always been an English language teacher. I’ve spent much of my working life in youth work, often working with vulnerable young people at risk of drug abuse or crime. In this field and indeed in teaching, you have to be aware and sensitive to the issues that might affect people’s lives, to offer support, report problems and refer to other services where necessary. This is one part of a wider safety net of care for those for whom life choices and outcomes put at risk, or put the lives of others at risk.

Luna Gale focuses on child welfare, but in doing so the welfare of young adults, in this case young parents, and the role of the state and other institutions in protecting, supporting and ensuring they can have, as the plays central case worker puts it, “some kind of life”. I was relieved to find the play a nuanced and complex unpacking of the tensions and issues – easily cliched or portrayed in black and white – that make such work so hard to manage. It skillfully and movingly captures the simultaneous sense of futility and necessity inherent in such work. Continue reading

Summer Solstice: Sian tells us about the longest day of the year!

This weekend in the UK and across Europe we will be celebrating the longest day of the year, also known as the summer solstice. I will be lucky enough to be celebrating the longest day of the year in beautiful North Wales where my family come from. It is a spiritual place for me and great place to get away from the hustle and bustle of London and to enjoy all extra hours of daylight!

North Wales on the longest day of the year

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