What happened at Tti School of English in London this week? Sara Z. fills us in! (31st July)

This week at Tti I wasn’t at school, maybe some of you have noticed my absence, at least, I hope so! Anyway I’m still here writing the weekly blog, I have my spies all around the school and they gave all the news about this week!

As a first thing WELCOME BACK HAVA!!! Our ex intern came back from Germany to take the CAE Class, we really hope you will enjoy your time as a student, and I’m sure you will pass the exam easily!
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John’s Farewell Blog…

So it is Thursday, July 30th 2015, the day before my final day at Tti School in Camden Town, and I have been asked to write a ‘blog’ about my six years experience here. As you may have heard I enjoy writing (and speaking for that matter); but at this juncture I feel at a loss as to how I might put into words, sentences, and paragraphs a period of my life I may look back upon as the happiest. 

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What’s good in your hood – Turnpike Lane!

Turnpike Lane is a tube station on the Piccadilly Line that you probably won’t ever find in a guidebook! However, two of our staff members (Viv & Mel) live in this neighbourhood and it is packed with cool places to check out and fantastic food!

Perhaps some of you have actually been to this neighbourhood for a Social Programme activity? Maybe it was at the Turkish Restaurant, Gökyüzü? That’s a Tti favourite! The area is famous for the Turkish food but we thought we’d focus on some of the new local shops, cafes and restaurants that are popping up!

Local Street Art

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