What happened at Tti School of English in London this week? Sara Z. fills us in! (24th July)

This week at Tti everybody is still recovering from the amazing summer party! Ed did a great job as a DJ, the music was awesome, the location (Camden Proud), carefully chosen by the amazing Maryam, was fantastic and of course the people there, Tti Family, were lovely (and they still are).

Some of the staff performed on the stage, with ukulele, flute and guitar singing ‘Valerie’ and then the Over 30’s Class with their teacher Huw performed as well, singing a song that they wrote during one of the lessons.

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Edward takes his task really seriously!


On Tuesday, under the sunshine we hosted a PingPong Tournament in our terrace, all the students enjoyed it.

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What happened at Tti School of English in London this week? Sara Z. fills us in! (17th July)

I have some surpising news….I have just found out we have a MAGICIAN at Tti!! He even performed his tricks for Mel for her birthday last week! :)

ABRACADABRA here is his magic trick :



ME: How did you get into magic? When? Tell us a bit more about your passion!

PABLO: My father used to cycling in the morning as an hobbie, but when he chenged his working shift he had to choose another one. We ended up together to be really keen on Magic, we know a magician and he intoduced us in this fantastic world. We started in Madrid 5 years ago in a Magician Association, once a week. It is very interesting, we have lectures and perfomers form all over the world and we really enjoy our passion

ME:I know Magicians never revail their trick, but can you make an exception?

PABLO: Can you keep a secret? Me too!

Thank you very much Pablo for your amazing performance!!

This week at Tti I interview some students of the IELTS Course, they are studying in the other building, the lovely and cool 158, which is 10 minutes-ish walking from 148.

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Film Competition 2015 – A Day At Tti School ! Win £100 !

Here  is a video with  the instructions for our Film Competition 2015 -‘ A Day At Tti School ‘ . Please send your submissions to Mel at sales@ttischool.com . If the file is super big use dropbox !

Here’s the link to the video as well – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CIUQOiwrRjE

Rule 1 – You must include a classroom shot!

Rule 2 – Have footage of the school – Camden Town Centre or Kentish Town or BOTH!

Rule 3 – Have a sequence in the local area!

Rule 4 – Include a Social Programme activity

Rule 5 – Length -maximum 2.5 minutes

The style is up to you! Deadline is AUGUST 1st 2015!