Poem of the week- Soleil d’été by Elodie Santos

Our poem of the week is French and is about summer and the sun. We have to enjoy these late summer days now that autumn is almost here!


london sunset

Soleil d’été

Elodie Santos,2009

Soleil d’été
Tu viens caresser ma peau
c’est la plus douce des sensations
que je puisse sentir

Soleil d’été
Tu illumines les jours les plus beaux
et le chemin des passions
à venir

Soleil d’été
Tu te couches à l’horizon
au dessus d’une mer qui ne peut
que rougir

Soleil d’été
Tu brilles avec l’Amour
comme si l’éternité était avant

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Poem of the week – “I Ricordi”- GIUSEPPE UNGARETTI – (Italian )

The Poem of the week is i ricordi by Giuseppe Ungaretti . It was chosen by Mel who lived in Rome for some time and misses the long summer days down on the beaches of Sabaudia, San Severo , Santa Marinella and all the other lovely beaches of Lazio. She also wants to dedicate this poem to our Italian students who are most definitely enjoying their last days of summer up and down the coast lines of the bel paese. It’s a bittersweet poem about the sea … Enjoy!

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