Living and Working in London-An Intern’s View

Every week we have a lot of nice suggestions for our students giving them ideas about how to spend their free time. These social programme activities with our teachers are a wonderful opportunity to improve your English language, to get to know your classmates better or to meet the other students in the school. I suggest that you make the most of our social programme activities. Have a chat with our teachers, with other students and have fun while you’re learning more about the city.

One example of a great recent social programme activity was when we celebrated International Vegetarian Week. Our students enjoyed a dinner at the local vegetarian restaurant Mildred’s with our lovely teacher John. Thanks John for going there with our students. As you can see from the picture below, they had a lovely time with a delicious meal.


We had also a great free Listening Workshop with our wonderful teacher Mike. Our students were able to improve their listening skills for free.

Image 1

In addition we had a wonderful Pub Crawl in Camden, where our students enjoyed the popular bars and pubs of Camden. It was very busy, lots of students signed up for this event and our teachers Sally and John led the group. Thanks to Sally and John!

Furthermore we had a fun Games Night with our teacher Tom. The students practiced their speaking skills and improved their vocabulary while playing games!This is always a very good way to improve your English knowledge. Thank you Tom!

The students also visited The National Gallery with our lovely teacher Sally. It’s a very interesting gallery and you should visit it if you’re in London. An other nice event was the Pub Quiz again with Tom. It’s a wonderful opportunity for the students to improve their English, General and History knowledge. Thank you Tom.

We had also a lovely trip to the Tate Britain Museum, where I had the pleasure to go with two students. None of us had been there before but we enjoyed our time there with the famous paintings and drawings of William Turner and a lot of other artists.

Image 3

Now a short update about what I have been doing over the last few weeks. I’ve been to the cinema and I watched the film “Sleepless” which was quite interesting. I would always recommend going to the cinema to watch English movies even if they are without subtitles. It’s not necessary to understand every single word. You can still understand the whole meaning of the story. Furthermore I went with some students to a Brazilian restaurant in Camden (called “Made in Brazil”). I enjoyed the live music and the lovely Brazilian food there. We all had a great time there.

Dinner in Claudia's House

I also went on a free guided tour of London. I was really surprised because I found this tour on the website If you’re interested to learn more about London you should absolutely participate in these kind of walking tours, sometimes they are around one hour but also sometimes about five hours. I went on the movie and film scenes tour around the area of King’s Cross and Russell Square. In my opinion it was a lovely walk. Also the evening course students had a lovely time when we went after the course to a pub in Camden to watch the final minutes of a Manchester United football game with our teacher Mike. As you can see from the picture below, we had a great time.

In the Pub with Evening CourseAnd another exciting thing was that my mother and my sister visited me. I was really proud to show them a lot of nice places in London. We went to different markets, like Camden Market and Brick Lane Market. We enjoyed the sunny days in parks, e.g. Regent’s Park and Greenwich Park. I recommend taking the boat to Greenwich because it’s wonderful to relax on the River Thames while someone is telling you something about London and the most important sights, which you pass during the boat trip. Furthermore we went on the London Eye and experienced an amazing view across the whole city. It was a sensational attraction.

Thanks for reading my blog. I hope you also enjoy London.

Best wishes, Nancy

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