A lovely blue Italian scarf or an Italian blue lovely scarf? And why – Adjective order

There are many language rules that native speakers of English know without knowing they know it. Confused? In the Academic blog of the month, our Director of Studies Marianne Arake talks about one of those grammar rules that is innate in native speakers but that English language students have to painfully learn and memorise – Adjective order.

 adjective order

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What’s it like to study on the FCE Exam Course at Tti?

Our ‘Student of the Moment’, Kohei from Japan is currently taking our FCE Exam Course. Read all about how he is getting along!


I am taking the FCE course. FCE means is a Cambridge English First qualification which is one of the most famous English Language exams in the world.

My challenge!
I was able to find my weak point of English through the FCE course. My weak point is listening. So, I tried to focus on listening in the class and I listen to the FCE sample videos on YouTube every day.

I enjoyed the mock exams
On this course, we have a mock exam every two weeks! It was hard to get used to and heavy but I enjoyed it because I was able to know my English level in each skill such as listening and writing through the results of the mock exams. Getting a correct answer made we feel so happy and that I had achieved something!

My advice for a new FCE students
I would recommend this course! You should take a FCE course because you are definitely going to improve your English skills through FCE course. I was able to improve my score by 70%! I have no regrets in taking the FCE course!

Thanks for your contribution to our blog Kohei! If you would like to study on this course in 2018, then click this link to find out more! FCE Exam Course at Tti School of English. Booking now for our next course starting on 22/01/18. Book before 31/12/2017 and save £433.