Yudai: English and Football at Tti School

If you are into English and Football, London is the right place to be. You can watch a match in a pub with a cold beer, join Londoners in a park for a friendly game or visit Wembley Stadium, the temple of British football.

English and Football

Yudai studied English with us for 10 months and now he’s leaving to make his dream come true and become a Professional Football Player. He has just signed a contract with a Swedish team and we’re delighted that he shared his story and his experience with us here at Tti! Congratulations Yudai! Watch the video!

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5 tips to improve your pronunciation

Could you repeat please? Say that again?

Do people often ask you to repeat things because they didn’t understand you? Or perhaps you speak clearly but just wishes that your pronunciation continues to improve until you perfect difficult sounds? (th I’m looking at you) Fear no more. In this week’s Academic Blog, our Director of Studies Marianne, will give you some essential tips on how to improve your accent quickly.



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