What does London mean to you?


Despite its somewhat average weather, London will always have a magnetic charm. From beautiful parks, interesting and free museums to some of the best restaurants in the world, historic pubs and a vibrant nightlife.

We have been asking members of the team here at Tti what London means to them, and they have given us a range of opinions about this multicultural and diverse city. One thing that is for sure is that #LondonIsOpen.

“London means important places for a music lover like me! From visiting the mythical Abbey Road to any of the clubs and places where so many movements were born: New Romantics in Holborn, Punk Culture and Amy Winehouse in Camden, raves in Brixton, festivals in the summer London has it all if music is your passion!” – Ophelia, Senior Registrar.


“As well as being my home, where my work, friends and connections are, London also means free time. And all my free time is spent around delicious food. The food scene in London is to.die.for.  Without a doubt the most varied and exciting in the world. Forget the old (old old) myth involving England and food, London is where you can find anything you want to from anywhere in the world, for any pocket. From the swanky restaurants owned by Michelin starred, celebrity chefs of West London, to the food truck scene all over the city come rain or shine, to the hidden cheap-eats BYOB gems of Brixton, Clapham and Hackney to finally the intimate, unique experiences that the supper clubs provide – such as dining in a tube carriage, have a famous chef cook for you and your friends in their home, pop up restaurants at the back of clothes shops in Bricklane and the millions of cooking lessons-turned dinner dotted around town. If you’re looking to tickle your tastebuds, look no further than London!” – Marianne, Director of Studies.


“London means cycling down terraced streets at night, watching foxes streak out from between parked cars. It means reading in the park on sunny afternoons in June and July, sometimes dozing off while others kick footballs and crack open beers and listen to music out of their phones. It means colonising pub benches in the summer, enjoying the slow process of evening fading. It means always having too much to do, of being spoilt for choice.” Tom Gatehouse, Teacher.


“Apart from all the day to day pace, London is a place of cultural depth and diversity, innovation and history. Millions of different worlds contained within one city. Every day is an opportunity to discover a new one.” Jonny, Teacher.


“Learning a language isn’t just about learning some new words and grammar rules. It’s about learning another culture. It’s also a journey of self-discovery. Where best to do that in the world? London.” Ado, Teacher.


“I consider London my new home. I love its diversity, multiculturalism and from different backgrounds. In particular, I love its food markets and the fact that you can find food from anywhere in the world. And you can always find something fun to do.” Vesna, Teacher.


“London is a city I love living in because I can see or experience something new every day. No two days are the same in a city where there is something for everyone, 24/7. But the best part for me is the cosmopolitan nature of London. I bet you can find a teacher for almost every language that exists in this vibrant city.” Sally, Teacher & Social programme Organiser

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“London is a city of unlimited things to do and a place where I can find unlimited excuses not to do them. A city with 70 Michelin-starred restaurants, and the Tesco Meal Deal. In galleries here, you can find some of the greatest works of art ever created by human hands, and under the bridges, some of the laziest graffiti to ever come out of a spray-paint can. It is my home, by choice, and I wouldn’t change it for anything.” Tom Miles, Teacher.


If you want to come and explore this amazing city at the same time as improving your English, find out more about our school following the link: www.ttischool.com

This is the right school if you want to prepare for the IELTS exam!


My name is Kia-Min, 23 years young and I come from Berlin, Germany. I’m a nurse and would like to gain some experience abroad, that was the main reason why I took a 5-week intensive IELTS preparation course at the Tti School of English. It was definitely the right choice!


The combination of 15 lessons of General English and 15 lessons of IELTS lesson each week are optimal if you want to be prepared for the IELTS exam.
Especially in the IELTS course, the focus is separated into four parts (speaking, listening, reading and writing), with exam tips being constantly given during the lessons. Many real IELTS past papers are discussed in the group and there is a weekly mock exam under real testing conditions, with detailed feedback afterwards.
The class is very small and the teacher can give everyone attention and can give everyone a voice.

Also during my time at the Tti School of English, I had to talk a lot and I was able to improve my English skills significantly! The teachers always adjust the content of the lesson, so every student can learn what they really need; there is a friendly family atmosphere at the school and the teachers are incredibly motivated. The admin team makes sure that everyone has a nice stay here.

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Students come from everywhere in the world and are of different ages. The best thing here is, it is how easy it is to make a lot of new friends. Every day there is a social activity in the afternoon that includes speaking workshops, going to pubs, watching movies together and more.


I felt very comfortable here. Thanks, everyone for the support and for teaching me interesting lessons!


Ich bin Kia-Min, 23 Jahre alt und komme aus Berlin. Da ich von Beruf Krankenschwester bin und beruflich neue Erfahrungen im Ausland sammeln möchte, habe ich mich für einen 5-wöchigen Sprachkurs bei der Tti School of English entschieden und das war definitiv die richtige Wahl! Mit einer Kombination aus 15 Stunden General English und 15 Stunden IELTS Kurs pro Woche habe ich mich optimal aufs Examen vorbereiten können.

Im IELTS Kurs wirst Du gezielt auf die 4 Bereiche (Speaking, Listening, Reading und Writing) des Examens vorbereitet, wobei all die Tipps und Tricks für das Examen erlernt, geübt und häufig wiederholt werden. Etliche Originalaufgaben werden in der Gruppe besprochen, wöchentliche „mock exams“ (Prüfungsaufgaben unter originalen Prüfungsbedingungen ) werden geschrieben und genauestens korrigiert, damit Du sie nachher auch für Dich auswerten kannst. Es sind wirklich kleine Klassen, sodass die Lehrer auf jeden individuell Acht geben können und jeden zu Wort kommen lassen. In der Tti School of English kommst Du nicht drum herum eine Menge zu reden, das mir persönlich einfach ungemein beim Verbessern der Sprache geholfen hat. Der Unterrichtsinhalt wird auch speziell an die Wünsche der derzeitigen Kursteilnehmer angepasst, damit du auf jeden Fall das lernst, was Du speziell brauchst.

Insgesamt ist es eine besonders familiäre, schöne Stimmung in der Schule. Die Lehrer sind unglaublich motiviert und auch das Organisationsteam achtet darauf, dass Dein Aufenthalt so wird, wie Du es Dir vorstellst. Die Teilnehmer kommen aus der ganzen Welt und sind jeden Alters. Das Beste ist, dass es unglaublich leicht ist neue Freunde zu finden. Jeden Tag gibt es Freizeitangebote von Sprachworkshops bis hin zu Pubbesuchen und Filmabenden. Hier fühlt man sich sehr schnell wohl.

Ich danke euch für eure Unterstützung und den Spaß, den ihr beim Unterrichten vermittelt habt. Dank euch kann ich sicher bald wieder zurück nach London kommen und freue mich schon darauf euch dann zu besuchen!

Thanks so much to you Kia! It was great having you with us! To find out more about our school, please follow the link: www.ttischool.com