What did the 30+ group get up to last week?


Whether you dream of improving your English for professional or personal reasons, the 30+ General English Course is perfectly tailored to help you reach your goals faster. As well as improving your language skills, you’ll also learn about important topics such as British politics, current affairs and the arts. Plus, you can take advantage of our cultural and social activities just for adult students!

Last week’s 30+ course students have written a blog about their experiences visiting Kenwood House and Hampstead Heath. Thanks to all the students for getting stuck in!


“Last week, we went to Kenwood House in Hampstead Heath. We had a walk around the lovely park, enjoying the sunny weather and the view of the skyline of London. In Kenwood House, there is an exhibition of paintings, painted by different artists. But there are not just paintings, there are technical exhibits as well. For example, Claudia and I discovered an old wheel-chair! One of the guides in Kenwood House, explained to us, that the inventor of this chair had also invented several other things, roller blades for example! The guide told us a funny story about the flamboyant inventor. Finally, we had a little break in the cafe before we went back to Camden. It was a nice and interesting trip!”



“Hampstead Heath is a lovely big park in the north of London. There is a nice viewpoint, called Parliament Hill, a lot of walkways and Kenwood House. Kenwood House is a majestic mansion and was built in 1616. Inside, there is a collection with old beautiful impressive paintings. So thank you so much to our teacher Jonny for this excursion on a sunny day. It was wonderful!”



“On Thursday 18th of April, our teacher Jonny proposed us to take a walk in Hampstead Heath. So we left school around 10:00 AM and we went by bus.

We started in the south of the park and walked probably for one and a half hour and finished at Highgate. I really enjoyed this peaceful park because there are different atmospheres, green areas, woods, lakes and a wonderful view of London despite the fact you cannot clearly feel the city!

At the end of our walk, we visited Kenwood House, had a drink and went back to the school.”



“Oh well. I almost was late for school today. I don’t know what happened to my alarm clock. It just didn’t ring. But finally, everything was fine. I was at school on time. But at the beginning of the class, our teacher Jonny reminded us of the trip to Hampstead Park.

Oh my god, I had forgotten about this. I didn’t wear my sneakers. Ok, nevermind, I thought. When we arrived at Hampstead Heath, we started walking along a road that led us to the top of the hill. There was an amazing skyline of the city. We could identify the main buildings of London despite the slight haze.

I confess that in the middle of the road, I was a little tired. When we got to Kenwood House, I was able to rest and stretch my legs. Kenwood House is very pleasant. It was probably built in the early 17th century.

There is a renowned collection of Old Masters and British paintings. Most paintings of the time served with a summer house for the Royal Family. After we visited the museum outside of the house, we enjoyed some drinks together around the table.

Then we went back to Tti School. Just a great day trip!”

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The IATEFL Conference

The IATEFL International Annual Conference and Exhibition each spring is one of the main events in the English Language Teaching calendar. Attended by approximately 3,000 ELT professionals from more than 100 countries, it involves a 4-day programme of around 500 talks, workshops and forums as well as a vibrant social programme. This offers delegates a unique opportunity to meet leading trainers, theorists and writers, and exchange ideas with fellow professionals from all sectors of English language teaching and learning.


Our fantastic teachers Ado, Tom and Vesna attended the event this year on behalf of Tti School and Ado has kindly agreed to share his experience with us. Read on to find out what he got up to!

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Easter holidays in London!

Easter is nearly here! And this year Tti School of English is open so you can improve your English skills while enjoying your Easter holidays in London! But how should you spend your time to make the most of it? We have some suggestions that you might like…


19th April, Good Friday

Passion of Jesus
If you follow our blog you may recognise this activity from previous years. This spectacular enactment of Jesus’ last days draws crowds from all over London. More than 100 actors get together to reenact the tragic final chapter of the Christian messiah’s life. There will be two 90 minute long methode_times_prod_web_bin_5bf3c2c4-3429-11e8-b10c-795428ac06a8performances at 12:00 pm and 3:15 pm at Trafalgar Square which are free to attend and projected onto a big screen to make sure no one misses any of it!
Where: Trafalgar Square
Nearest Tube Station: Charing Cross Station
When: 12 pm & 3:15 pm
How much: free

Lust and Liquor All Black Easter Party
In case you are more into the London nightlife this should be perfect for you. At this Easter Party in the newly refurbished “SWAY” club, it is all about rhythm. So if you like hip hop, RnB, Trap and Afro Beats this is the place to be on Good Friday evening. And it is quite affordable too, you can get a ticket for only £15. Just keep in mind that this is a ticket-only event, so if you want to attend make sure you book your tickets in advance. Also, you need to be at least 23 years old.
Where: 61-65 GreaSway-Cocktail-Lounge-2-optimisedt Queen Street, WC2B 5BZ
Nearest Tube Station: Holborn Station
When: starts at 10 pm
How much: from £15




20th April, Easter Saturday

Bucket Race Easter Hunt
Let’s get active, shall we? Of course, Easter is nothing without a good Easter Egg Hunt. Although in this hunt you are not hunting for Easter eggs in a conventional way. To be honest: You are not even looking for eggs. The Bucket Race Easter Hunt is a Scavenger Race around London, where teams compete against one another by completing tasks on the list (or BucketList) provided. BucketRaces goal is for participants to discover new places, activities and hidden gems within London while meeting like-minded people and competing in a fun and friendly environment.
You can enter either as an individual and they will allocate you a team on the day, or as your own team. Teams can consist of a maximum of 4 people. Tasks are submitted through the wonderful world of social media, using photos and/or videos as evidence. More specifically they calculate real-time scores using Twitters #Hashtag function. That way teams can use their own mobile phones and they can give you hourly updates on how each team is performing. Twitter is free to download and use. If you don’t already have a twitter account, please ask one of their staff to help you create one before BucketRace begins.

Each tweet must contain the following: Name of the task, points value, #BucketRace, #TeamName, @BucketRace and a photo/video of the task.
Example: Stand in the corner of an elevator facing the wrong way while people enter, 50 pts, @BucketRacAnna45820919-1018158306219749377-20180714_164031-img11-optimisede, #TeamName #BucketRace.
The first place prize: Tickets for your team to Cadbury World!
Where: meeting on Easter Sunday at Golden Square, London, Greater London, W1F 9HR
Nearest Tube Sation: Piccadilly Circus
When: from 12 pm to 4 pm
How much: £10





Chucs Serpentine Easter Brunch

What would Easter be without a good Easter Brunch? Chucs Serpentine Easter Brunch near Lancaster Gate Station offers you a 2-course brunch with juices, teas and coffees to have a good start into Easter Saturday (or to cope with the hangover from the Good Friday partying).
Where: Serpentine Sackler Gallery, West Carriage, Drive W22AR
Nearest Tube Station: Lancaster Gate
When: From 9 am to 12 pm
How much: £25



21st April, Easter Sunday

The Chocolate Cocktail Club Shoreditch
A boozy twist on the classic Easter chocolate. Taste a bright variety of chocolate infused cocktails, wine, prosecco and beers and surprise your tastebuds with them!
Where: 202 Brick Lane, E1 6SA
Nearest Tube Station: Liverpool Street Station
When: various timeslots available from 12 pm to 10.30pm
How much: £10




Holy Communion at St. Paul’s Cathedral

25882268674_a97ff181cf_zThe Easter Mass at St. Paul’s Cathedral is the biggest one in the UK. Definitely worth a visit.

Where: St. Paul’s Cathedral
Nearest Tube Station: St. Paul’s Station
When: 8 am
How much: free




22nd April, Easter Monday

If you stick to our suggested programme (especially to the activities linked with partying and booze) you might want to relax on this day and save some money. So how about going for a stroll in one of London’s various parks like Hyde Park, Regents Park or Hampstead Heath and just enjoying the hopefully good weather?
Nearest Tube Stations: Hyde Park (Hyde Park Corner Station) – Regents Park (Regent’s Park Station) – Hampstead Heath (Tufnell Park Station)


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