A Special Tribute to our Senior Teacher Joe G !

We hoped this day would never come but today one of our amazing teachers, Joe Gowdridge, is leaving us. We cannot express how much he will be missed and we hope he’ll come back some time in the future! Below is a special tribute to him with a few words from our staff.

Joe G and Maz - Leavers Pictures 2015

“Joe’s leaving? Oh, really? Oh man this news has been totally devastating for me, my partner in crime at Tti  is abandoning me #sadtimes Joe was probably one of the first people at Tti that I started calling a friend instead of a colleague, someone I have learnt so much from professionally, who has devoted time and energy to help me progress. I’m totes gutted I’ve got to say goodbye already. I’ll miss all our auto-reply convos “oh really?”, our little heart-to-hearts, our vents about the injustices of the world, our debates of relationships and the on-going battles between men and women, our jokes and Friday night Drinkies! We were the first group to go out for Friday night drinkies, the originals of a standing tradition lol. It has been an absolute pleasure getting to know you and working with you and I wish you all the best for the future, know you’ll smash it ;) Just make sure you don’t forget to come down on Fridays for drinks and selfies! All my love. xoxo” – Maz

„He is truly passionate about what he does“


“Joe is a man with lots of talents. He’s prudent, inspiring, entertaining and an outstanding teacher. Not only has he always been there for me but also supported me in everything I did. There are not many Joe’s in the world and I am very happy to have him as a friend. He always puts a smile on my face and inspires me in many, many ways! Over the last couple of months he worked his socks off and became Senior Teacher, which turned him into a very busy man but also showed his capacities. A few weeks ago, when Joe told me he might leave, I was really disappointed, but now I think it’s the right decision. Joe can do so much more and I really hope his new job will exploit his full potential.” – Hava, our former Intern 

He’s inspired
Generally wired
And rarely tired
But now he’s been hired
So we’re feeling low
We don’t want you to go


What to say about Joe? He is one of the most talented, motivated and qualified teachers that I’ve met! Joe is always willing to give a hand with a smile. It has been a pleasure working with such a good colleague and friend. I am pretty sure he is going to do very well in his future! I will miss him so much! See you in Spain, mate!” – Sonia

Joe has been another member of the family who’s always helpful and supportive. He’s been there to help with management, materials and lessons. Most of all he’s been great company! A great leader and stand up guy! I wish him all the best in his new role.” – Edward

Intensity, drive, talent, asking out a pretty student during a class. Kneeling, ‘two two two two two two two’, vocabulary cards and annotated boards” – Sam, former teacher and Joe’s good friend

mel and joe

“I think Joe and I have a special language code that we speak to each other both on the dance floor and in real life – Boom! #letsdothis How you doing? #twipoftheday – tweet + tip = Twip! Joe, I think actually you are the closest version of me I’ve ever met in this school! Think about it? We have crazy dance moves, we both lived in Rome , we love speaking in syncopated nonsensical ways! We also have a similar teaching styles . I definitely walked around the room and bounced about as well! DON’T BE A STRANGER TEFL MONKEY! I’m gonna miss you lots!” – Mel

“Hey Joe, where you going with that DELTA in your hand? Wherever it is, it’ll be better off for having you there. All the best!” - Viv

Camden Head 11

Joe and Ligia at the Camden Head

“You! As sweet as a chocolate tequeño, I am going to miss you but I have got the feeling that we are going to keep seeing each other. Lots of Love“ – Ligia

“Joe is an excellent teacher and a great colleague who was always supporting our team. I really hate to see him go and he will be terribly missed in the school. I wish him the best of luck for the future, he is really talented,  he deserves this new challenge and I am sure he will be seriously appreciated in his new job. His students always loved his amazing boards in class, his interesting lessons and his charming personality. He is truly passionate about what he does and somehow, the transmit that to all his students. I would love to see him coming back to this school at some point! Good luck, Jay Gee!” – Angela 

“Joe is the next Hugh Dellar. He’s a TEFL auteur in the ascendency. His leaving has really knocked me for six, I had such a sinking feeling thinking that he’d joined the ranks of a new company. His classes and his advice always went down a treat with students and teachers alike. Any school will be extremely lucky to have him. I couldn’t have asked for a more knowledgeable and thoughtful bloke to share a staff room with. It’s been a pleasure. Knock em dead” – Luke

“Gutted the Gee is leaving us! All the anecdotes, random clicks and play on words will definitely be missed! BIG thanks for all the laughs in the staffroom but more importantly, thanks for being such a great sidekick with regards to all things TEFLy :)” – Helena

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