Part 1 of Tti’s Valentine’s day blog ! – A Tti love story & Valentine’s traditions from Italy’s city of love, Verona

In our special Valentine’s blog , we hear from a couple who met at Tti  and got married 2 months ago plus our former intern and student, Paola tells us about Valentine’s day traditions

 in Italy’s city of love, Verona.


Mariana and Ulrich

My name is Mariana Vázquez from Mexico. I met my husband from Germany in the spring of 2011 while studying in Tti School, actually it was in Mel’s spelling class! We went out together (first kiss time at Primrose Hill) but unfortunately our stay there finished, so we stayed in touch by internet. One year later my Husband Ulrich decided to visit me in Mexico and we got engaged. We got married 2 months ago in December and we are happy on planning to move together and of course we are super in love.
Tti School is a special place to find a special person!





Valentine’s Day is really common in Italy. Florence and Venice are considered to be two of the most romantic cities in Italy but in this case Verona which is the land of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet takes first place. They celebrate this important day with four days of celebration called Verona in love. A giant red heart is set up in the middle of the main square and all around are place romantic markets: local food, drinks, art, music, heart shaped decorations and free concerts. 
There is also a recent Italian tradition just started few years ago after the release of a romantic book. Nowadays lovers like attaching locks/padlocks to bridges and throwing away the key. This is a symbol of the love which will never end!
To be honest I am not that kind of person who loves Valentine’s Day because I have never celebrated it with a real love but I still like to consider this day a nice moment to think about my past loves. I have many girl friends who believe in this important day and they love going out for a romantic dinner and receiving a red rose as a symbol of love. This is a way to say I love you!
I also think that whoever loves his/her partner should celebrate Valentine’s Day every day of the year and not just because it is an old tradition but I do think it is never too much to say ‘I love you’ to your lover.
Last year I couldn’t celebrate a better night having a big Tti Valentine’s party with all the staff and the students so I can’t wait for the celebration on Thursday !!!! 

S.valentin party


Big thanks to Paola, Mariana and Ulrich for contributing to our special Valentine’s Day blog!


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