Almost a very British Christmas

Sian our Principal tells us how she will be celebrating Christmas this year!

The Bird - 2007

So for the first time ever, this year I will be preparing the Christmas lunch and hosting my family for all the festivities. I am excited and nervous in equal measure! We’ll be six for lunch, my parents, my husband and son and my brother aka Uncle David! After living in London for 20 years it is also my first Christmas in the city!

It will be a very British Christmas with all the traditional dishes. This means I will be roasting a turkey with potatoes and parsnips all served with carrots, Brussel sprouts and gravy. I will also make bread sauce, cranberry sauce and pigs in blankets. Traditional bread sauce is one of the great, classic British sauces, which I love. Cranberry Sauce, I am not so keen on but this is a tradition that the British took from America along with turkey! Pigs in blankets are simply small pork sausages wrapped in bacon.

For dessert, I will serve traditional Christmas Pudding with brandy butter, that I will make myself! This is a very rich and heavy pudding that not everybody likes very much so I will need to think of alternative to offer alongside it! There will be a cheese course too and plenty of wine, champagne and port to drink!

One of our more unusual Christmas traditions here in the UK is the use of Christmas crackers. Invented by Tom Smith, a London sweet maker in 1846. The original idea was to wrap his sweets in a twist of pretty coloured paper, but this developed now crackers have jokes, paper hats and small presents inside them. They also go BANG! So like many families we will eat our meal with a paper hat on our heads!


So our Christmas meal will be a traditional one served on the 25th December but as my husband is Portuguese on the evening of the 24th December we will celebrate in true Portuguese style by preparing a meal of bacalhau (dried and salted cod) with roasted green peppers, potatoes and lots of olive oil!


So it will be almost a very British Christmas but with a bit of a European influence too, which is exactly how it should be!

Merry Christmas everyone!

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