Archery in Archway!

Maz our Senior Teacher tells us all about her training for The Hunger Games! No really, archery is her new hobby! Read all about it in our latest blog post!

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As of Monday 3rd July my training for the Hunger Games officially began! Whenever I think London has nothing new for me to try and that I have done it all, I discover something that completely blows my mind. When me and my boyfriend first met, we spoke about our bucket lists and one of the activities on his was “Archery”. When he told me I pictured him in a Robinhood style forest somewhere in the countryside. To say the least I didn’t think much of it and just saw it as a general “I have to…. before I die” statement. After all we all say them right?

A year later, I received a whatsapp message saying “Maz!!! I’ve booked us a beginners archery course, we have 5 weeks of training and then we have a test and can become certified archers!! Aren’t you so excited”. Excited definitely wasn’t the adjective I’d jump too, in fact I felt rather anxious, it was one thing to watch the Hunger Games and The Green Arrow, it was quite something else to hold a bow and arrow and shoot. I tried to be optimistic and encouraging because this was clearly something he was really into.

So, on Monday, after a brutally busy day at work, we trekked to Archway for our first ever archery class. The class was really small, only 8 students, and contrary to what I had thought half were women. We had arrived a little early so the advanced archers class was still in progress, I watched these normal looking people shoot arrow after arrow at the target and they were DAMN GOOD!! Suddenly I was really excited and couldn’t wait to try it out, I mean they were awesome but they had started out just like me, so why wouldn’t I become as good as them?

The instructor went through the health and safety aspects, then she picked out our bows and arrows for us. My bow is called Titan (fitting right?)!! She then showed us how to hold the bow correctly and how our posture should be. And soon enough, we were shooting arrows!

This was truly one of the best experiences I have had, despite the bruises on my arms. Archery is definitely not an easy activity and it has little to do with innate talent and a lot to do with technique, but I am determined to improve and simply CAN’T WAIT TO GO BACK NEXT WEEK.

Click the link to see what a great shot Maz is! Video

Sounds amazing Maz! We hope you are still enjoying the classes! Thanks for contributing to our blog! For more details about Tti School of English please visit our website

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