Bergfest – Alina’s Mid-Term Report

As time flies I will be telling you about my third week in London, how insane is that?!


Amazing news! I was at @GoshComics for a launch party and signing for the trade of Rivers of London: Body Work with Ben Aaronovitch and Andrew Cartmel.  

Featuring an all new story from the world of Aaronovitch’s best-selling book series, Rivers of London: Body Work follows the further adventures of Detective Peter Grant. If you want to experience London and enjoy a detective novel spiced up with a good dose of magic, you should take a look at the series.




The series is co-written by Ben Aaronovitch and former Doctor Who script editor, Andrew Cartmel.





Great news for all sports fanatics, I’ve discovered a lovely gym, £4 a day, great workout with an amazing view. It’s called the Monument and I am pretty sure that going up and down those 311 steps four or five times a day will make you fit.



TowerBridgeThe Tower of London ,while being famous for its rather gruesome history, is absolutely stunning and can legitimately be called the true core of London. It might take you by surprise, but the structure doesn’t only consist of one tower: it is a mighty fortress. Over time it served as a palace, a warehouse, the mint and, well, yes, also as a prison. Despite the ever-growing ticket prices and tourist masses: the Tower is worth it. Once you are there, do not miss the free Yeoman Tour as well as one of the best opportunities to take a picture of the Tower Bridge.



After a quick snack in Chinatown we had to further replenish our energy with cake and coffee. If you are in Soho check out @myplacesoho. Delicious cake and refreshing beverages, or as someone would say:


If by then you start feeling guilty (and you should after devouring their amazing chocolate cake) go for a stroll through Hyde Park and St. James’ Park and then drop down dead. Good times!


If you wake up and feel artsy, go visit Tate Modern. Free your mind and let yourself be swept away by bold installations and captivating paintings. And if you really want to know how it is:


There were definitely signs of spring in London we didn’t even need to wear quite so many layers so we decided to take a long stroll from St. Paul’s Cathedral down to Covent Garden.


But spring has really sprung into action at St Christopher’s Place, off Oxford Street, where a ‘floating’ installation of 1,200 flowers has popped up to make this little corner of central London a little more easy on the eye.



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