Bittersweet goodbyes – Alina’s last week @ Tti

Alina’s Last Blog and Poem of the Week (in Russian with the English translation)

Once again it is proven that time passes quicker if you are having fun – this is my last week!

On one hand I am sad to be leaving but on the other hand I am glad to be with my family soon. When I got here six weeks ago ago, I would never have realised how connected I would be to such a warm community of people.

On Monday I will wake up in my old life, realising that there will be no more new students to greet, no more grammar tests to grade and no more blogs to write… It will be a rather strange feeling.

Thank you very much for the wonderful time, you were such an amazing team and I am very happy that I have been given the opportunity to meet you all! ♥


Годы проходят – а мы и не жили:
Мало смеялись, мало любили.
Видели мало, чуть больше читали,
И отчего-то так сильно устали.

Мы торопились, но время теряли;
К счастью стремились, но много страдали.
Правду искали, в себе сомневаясь;
Праздника ждали, тоске отдаваясь.

Часто мы были собой недовольны:
То возносились, то падали больно.
Многого слишком мы в жизни боялись,
Редко судьбе мы своей доверялись.

Нам всё хотелось понять и освоить,
Всё полюбовно и мудро устроить.
Годы проходят – а мы и не жили:
Мало смеялись, мало любили…


Akhmatova_by_AltmanThe years have passed – but we haven’t lived:
didn’t laugh much and loved even less.
instead looking around, we wanted to read,
And for some reason were awfully stressed.

We would always hurry, but still loose time;
Pursuing fortune, but suffered so much.
Searching for truth, feeling not worth a dime;
Yearning for a feast, craving a touch.

So very often we were self-disillusioned:
Rising so high, and then falling so hard.
Living this life in an angsty confusion,
Rarely allowing fate take us by hand.

All the world’s knowledge understood and retrieved,
Wanted to bask in wisdom’s success.
The years have passed – but we haven’t lived:
didn’t laugh much and loved even less.

A. Akhmatova

by Alina 15/4/16

Huge thanks to Alina for writing some fantastic blog posts for us while she was here the last 6  weeks! One of our favourites is the one she did on Dr. Who! We have had a true Whovian on our team and it’s been really enlightening! :) You can see that blog post here – Thanks again Alina for your help these last weeks and we wish you all the best! :) Keep in touch !


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