Blue Monday 2018

It’s Blue Monday, supposedly one of the most depressing days of the year and let’s face it the wind and rain that is lashing London this morning isn’t helping us to feel more up beat!


However, having said all of that we are looking on the positive side here at Tti and trying to combat the Blue Monday gloom. We started the year with a lovely surprise from one of our partner agencies, ESL. They sent us a certificate to confirm that we are one of their Centres of Excellence as voted for by our students! This is given to schools that they represent that rate 4.1 or above based on the feedback that the students give to ESL after their stay with us. We currently have a rating of 4.3/5 out of 5.

Here’s a picture of the team with our certificate! We are so proud and this means more because it has been awarded to us based on 100% student feedback!


We also start this difficult week with a brand new kitchen having been installed in one of our student houses! The work was only finished on Saturday so we are all excited about going to check it out later today! Keep your eyes peeled on our social media sites over the next few days as we will post photos there.

Like many of you several of the staff members have also set themselves some New Years resolutions and they are staying positive today and keeping up their motivation! Read on to find out more about what their resolutions are and hopefully they will help raise your spirits today and help you to remain motivated and stick to your resolutions!

Marianne, our Director of Studies says that she has had the same resolutions for many many years. That is to exercise more and eat less and these continue to be her 2018 resolutions, though now she has a few new ones which include stopping eating dairy, spending more time reading and less time looking at screens.
Justin aims to read for 30 minutes per day, 5 times a week. Also taking a singing lesson every week and write a poem once a week. Vesna wants to stop smoking and be more active and wants to take the educational route to help her have a more positive 2018 and take the DELTA qualification! 
Steve says that he wants to spend more time playing the guitar and writing songs and Sally wants to use less plastic and recycle everything she can. Something we all need to be thinking about seriously in 2018. 
Gonzalo, told me that he would like to read more often and make it a habit to gain more knowledge on a huge variety of topics. He also wants to travel more to discover the world, experiencing different cultures and visiting faraway places and finally he is trying to start the day right by eating healthier breakfasts! Fewer pastries and more fruit! However, glancing over at his desk right now I can see a croissant!! We’ll let him off, how else is he supposed to get through Blue Monday?
Last but not least Maz, our Assistant Director of Studies tells us that in 2018 she wants to continue to be as wonderful as she is now and grace everyone with the light of my presence! Thanks Maz!
So don’t let Blue Monday get you down, do something positive in 2018 like taking an English Course with us! That would be a really positive thing to do and give you something to look forward to! Want to know more about our school and the courses then check out our website:


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