Blue Monday

So today is Blue Monday a phrase coined in 2005 when Dr Cliff Arnall, from Cardiff University, came up with a fun formula for predicting the gloomiest day of the year based on factors including weather, debts, time since Christmas and motivation. His equation suggested that the third Monday in January (today!) was when unhappiness peaked as the Christmas bills arrive and that post-holiday feeling starts wears off. The cold and grey weather doesn’t help either!


Here at Tti we are trying to combat the January blues by staying and thinking positive! I have asked the team what they are doing to make 2017 positive, we hope you can find some positive inspiration reading about what we will be up to!

Ophelia, our Registrar says, “Well since Brexit and the Trump presidency , we are all going to hell in a handbasket so my approach to 2017 is to be as kind to myself and others as possible. Oh and also I’m totally going to get a dog this year… so that little plan brightens up my blue Monday!”

Ligia is on a mission to get fit and is already going to the gym regularly! Her aim is stay happy and healthy! Sounds like an excellent plan!

Viv, our Principal and Lucy our Director of Studies have both taken the educational route to help them have a more positive 2017! Viv has recently booked a Bee Keeping Course to keep him focused and positive in 2017 and Lucy is starting a massage therapy course next month! Both sound very interesting! Keep us updated!

Sian, our Sales and Marketing Executive is very excited today as she has just sold her flat and hopes to be moving to a lovely new house with a garden at some point in the next few months! Fingers crossed!

So you see, there really is nothing to feel blue about! Why don’t you make 2017 count and book an English Course at Tti School of English? That would be a really positive thing to do and give you something to look forward to! Want to know more about our school and the courses then check out our website:

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