CAE and FCE – Our students’ expectations

A couple of weeks ago our last CAE and FCE preparation courses of 2018 started and we asked our students what their expectations were from the course and here is what they had to say:


Our exam preparations courses take 8 weeks of focus, hard work and dedication. It is a rewarding learning experience – a closed group of students working towards the same goal led by one of our experienced teachers.

Our last courses of the year have recently started and we asked our students what they hope to achieve now at the beginning of their journey.

Nancy (CAE – the Netherlands) – At the end of the course I would like to be able to write without mistakes and improve my English overall.

Luigi (CAE – Italy) – I would like to improve my understanding skills and be able to read more articles

Valentina (FCE-Colombia)  – My personal goals are to improve my reading so I can understand more than 60% of lectures when I start uni. I also need to improve my grammar and writing to communicate better.

Yuzu (FCE – Japan) – I expect to get more new vocabulary, and use this vocabulary for speaking.
Mila (CAE – Spain) I would like to improve my fluency when speaking and become more confident. I also expect to achieve a good score when I take the CAE exam.
Nurgül (FCE – Germany) I hope I can improve my English which I need for my Master’s. Moreover, I want to communicate better than before.
Daria (CAE – Switzerland) I would like to improve my English skills in general and pass the CAE Exam!


We love asking our students about their expectations and goals so that we can all work towards achieving them together. Watch this space for an update on their progress and their achievements by the end of the course.

Thanks for your contribution to our blog students! Best of luck in the exam! If you want to find out more about our FCE and CAE courses, click on the link below: FCE and CAE Exam Preparation 

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