CAE Diary #5 – The Exam Is Coming Closer!!

Here is our 5th instalment of our ongoing CAE blog series! This week we hear from Saskia from Switzerland who speaks about the importance of grammar skills when it comes to the Use of English and some of the key expressions you need to be successful on the Speaking exam!

London Tube Quote about Teachers May 2015

Quote Of The Day from the                 London Underground  – 26/5/2015

This week we focused more on each part of the exam. We analysed every grammer point in the Use of English papers  to understand the strategy how to fill in the gaps. You are sometimes annoyed about yourself – there are some points you should know. But anyway, the goal (the exam in 3 weeks) is clear and that means never give up and keep studying.

We will have our speaking exam on the 30th of May. So the time is running out and we are getting  nervous. Espacially in the afternoon lessons we do a lot of speaking practice that we can improve using the expressions we need. Trust me, they sometimes sounds so unnatural that you need to laugh when you speak to your partner. But it is all about to get used to them.

My favourite ones are the following:
Let’s move on, shall we?
I have never given it a lot of thought.
That’s a tricky question.

To sum up, the Tti exam course is brilliant. The teachers are great and cheer us up when we feel unmotivated or tired and the classmates are nice. And besides this, London is a great city to stay. Amazing!

To find out more about Tti’s next CAE course this summer click HERE ! Thanks again to Saskia and the whole CAE class for keeping up their blog posts! Well – done everyone!

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