CAE Diary #6 – 8 tips from our 8 CAE students for the Speaking paper!!

Mel asked the CAE students to tell her 8 tips for the CAE speaking exam which they are taking tomorrow! Thank you also for your contribution Sara – our wonderful coffee bar monitor also taking the exam tomorrow ( not in the picture) Good luck everybody!!


Our lovely CAE course with their teacher – Maryam!


Here they are…

1. Listen to the radio  for example the BBC  in order to improve your pronuciation of English words!  – (Morris , Germany )

2. Be buddha! Keep calm and carry on! If you get nervous don’t worry keep going !The exam is marked on your overall performance not just one part. (Jennifer, Switzerland )

3. Keep talking! Never keep quiet ! In the good sense, not being a chatty Cathy but keeping the conversation moving . ( Sara, Italy)

4. Try not to over-think so you can be more natural! Don’t analyse every word you are saying. (Ignacio, Spain)

5. Keep healthy! Get a good night’s sleep and rest up ! – (Elena, Switzerland)

6. Involve  your partner . Ask questions! Don’t’ dominate the conversation. Use expressions like – I couldn’t agree more with you’ In addition, I would like to emphasize, I would like to add etc…(Saskia, Switzerland)

7. Don’t worry if you don’t understand the questions. You can use the phrases – I didn’t quite catch the questions. Can you rephrase the questions please?  ( Paola, Italy)

8. Review your teachers’ tips learnt during the course . 1 of these tips from Joe was don’t be discouraged if you make a mistake one on of the parts. Keep on going. ( Aitor, Spain)


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