CAE Diary #7 – Final Entry

We’ve reached the last week of our CAE course and we are very sad to say goodbye to this group of CAE students! They were the pioneers of the Motivation Scale and only discovered the best sandwiches in Kentish Town in their last week! We’re all very proud of you and wish you all the best for your exam on Wednesday!


Time has flown…

Today is already our last day of the CAE course and we are feeling a bit sad. It has been an amazing experience which has given us a lot, especially new friends and much more confidence with our English. During this 8-week course we have improved our skills enormously and we have learnt how to face an exam. We had such a lovely time and our teachers have been role models to us. Their teaching methods gave us the motivation to study and they always encouraged us since the beginning.

The last weeks were so hard and tough because we did lots of mock exams and we concentrated on all the parts of the exam. Even if we still don’t know what the exam is going to be like, we are strong enough and we will do our best!

In addition, doing this course has been also useful for our future experiences and we are feeling more confident to look for jobs after the knowledge we have acquired. Speaking English fluently gives you the opportunity to find a better job and to work with foreigners as well.

There is a difference between attending a language school and just travelling in foreign countries. Now we even know a variety of English idioms for many different situations which gives our language a greater authenticity.

It won’t be easy to say good bye to this experience and to all our classmates but we hope we will keep in touch and maybe meet again in the future.


Thanks to our teachers and all Tti Staff!

Wishing you all the best,


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