CAE Diary: Part One

We asked our CAE class, led by our two amazing teachers Joe and Maryam, to keep a journal about what they are studying during their 8 week CAE course! Here’s part one – exam strategies and how to keep motivated!

Even though it is only the first week of CAE lessons, we could say that we left the class on Friday with a smile on our faces. Intensive and entertaining, even on the first day (Monday) we went directly to the exam. Throughout the week, we’ve been working on either strategies or general English skills that will help us to achieve the main goal of these two months. Personally, having done the FCE course successfully, I would recommend to other students to seriously consider starting the next course. The teachers have been brilliant ’cause of their enthusiasm for teaching and always trying to explain everything as good as they can. Talking as a group, we are looking forward to the following weeks with much excitement! Motivation would be the best noun to describe what we’re feeling in this specific moment which allows us to tackle the difficult tasks. Thanks so much.


Ignacio – Spain

CAE Spring Session 2015

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