CAE Diary: Part Three – Tips on Improving your English

Joe and Paola

The exam is getting closer but we are still excited to learn even more. The teachers are really positive about the development of our course and we all feel we are a team. I love the way how we spend the lessons in which we collaborate with each others, we give advice to the other students and we are always ready to improve our knowledges. Fantastic teachers who teach us all the exam’s strategies but particularly the strength we need to put in our practise and never give up at the first obstacle.

Doing an exam is not easy at all, but it gives you the chance to learn something that you cannot improve in different situations and to create a good relationship with all your classmates. Personally, that is the best and the most beneficial way to do your best while studying an exam. The support of your friends and teachers gives you the motivation to face with the exam.

Few days ago we had our first tutorial where we had the opportunity to talk privately to our teacher and it gave us the chance to speak about our weakness and strongest points as well. It was also a good way to listen to some advice how to improve our English outside the school environment. These tips can be useful for anyone who wants to start a Cambridge Exam:

  • Read articles, magazine, newspaper and try to understand the gist as soon as you scan the test, divide in paragraphs and write a title for each one and always try to understand what the writer wants to explain in each paragraph. Find linking words and give them a reason why they have been used in that specific phrase.

  • Listening to radio, TV and discuss later on about what you have listened to. It is always good way to catch some new English idioms, phrasal verbs and new vocabularies in general.

To sum up, I would like to write down something we have learnt during this week and give you the opportunity to find out if you already know the meanings or encourage you to look them up and learn something new.

English Expressions:

  • See eye to eye
  • Keep my self to my self
  • Rub people up the wrong way
  • Do things on a whim
  • To pull somebody’s leg
  • Something is a craze

Phrasal Verbs:

  • Take off (e.g. ‘The show took off!’)
  • Put something into it ( e.g. ‘I put a lot of work into the speech.’)
  • Belt it out (e.g. ‘When I got in the pub, a woman was belting a song out while everybody was watching at her.’)
  • Root around it (e.g. ‘She root around in her bag.’)
  • Hand out (e.g. ‘Every time I went out from Camden tube station, people hand out leaflets about anything.’)
  • Take part in (e.g. ‘When I was younger I took part in a protest against the school system.’)
  • Make somebody back down (e.g. ‘I had to back down because I did not want to argue with him.’)

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