CAE Exam Course expectations!

Our CAE exam preparations course is an intensive 8-week closed group course that offers the opportunity to develop both the receptive and productive skills required to nail the CAE exam. We do a lot of practice including a mock exam every other week as well as language input sessions, strategy development and vocabulary development.


On Monday 21st October our 2019 Autumn CAE exam preparation course started, and we have asked our students what they expect from the course. Here is what they had to say:


I expect to learn a lot more advanced English and be more comfortable speaking. I also would like to learn to speak more formal English.

  • Gilda from Sweden

I expect that after this course I will have improved my English enough that I can go with good feelings to the CAE exam.

  • Lukas from Switzerland

I hope to evolve my vocabulary with more formal words and expressions. I also want to learn more about parts of speech and how to use them correctly in English.

  • Emma from Sweden

I chose this course because I was looking for an intensive course for more than 2 hours per day. At work, I need to communicate with our clients and at the moment I have a proof-reader. I would like to improve my written and spoken English, and I believe this 8-week course will give me the results I need.

  • Timea from Hungary

I expect to improve my writing and reading skills in order to be able to reach a better job position in my field.

  • Guillermo from Argentina

I expect to advance my vocabulary and be able to write formal texts in English.

  • Karolina from Sweden

My focus is to learn and use more advanced words in English.

  • Isabel from Sweden

Thanks so much for your contribution to our blog. We hope you enjoy your course and that we exceed your expectations. To find out more about this course please follow this link: CAE Exam Course at Tti

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