CAE Vocabulary Box!

There are many ways to learn new vocabulary. Playing with words, or playing with definitions, makes it more enjoyable, memorable and fulfilling.

CAE Vocabulary Box

Our students Lukas, Guillermo and Timea preparing the vocabulary box!



In our CAE class, we have a vocabulary box: a simple idea with great benefits. In every lesson new vocabulary crops up. Our teacher Sally notices when they do and writes them down on a green card. Later in the lesson, we have to provide a definition together on the other side of the card. After, Sally checks the definitions and we play a game straightaway to become familiar with the definitions our peers have written.

To consolidate, every day at the end of each lesson we play a game where we challenge ourselves – both by explaining the word and also guessing what the word is in a competitive way. This means we recycle new words throughout the course and develop our range of vocabulary. Everyone is motivated because learning vocabulary is something that could usually be quite boring! But it keeps us on our toes because we get very competitive.

Thanks Guillermo, Lukas and Timea for your contribution to our blog! for more details please visit

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