CAE Week 4: What do you feel more confident about?

By week 4, we have completed two full mock exams. After our second tutorial with comprehensive feedback on the second mock, we discussed how the students are feeling mid-course. Here’s what the students had to say:


  • I feel more confident about the Use of English part 1 following the specific training we had in the classroom.  – Lukas from Switzerland
  • After the first mock and revision week thereafter, all of the listening part was more familiar and I was able to improve my listening grade by 14% – which made it a CAE pass! – Guillermo from Argentina
  • I feel like my writing has improved because I have had the chance to practice a lot! – Emma from Sweden
  • I feel way more confident about the use of English part of the exam. – Timea from Hungary
  • I feel more confident speaking English and also I feel like my writing has improved. – Gilda from Sweden
  • I feel more confident in writing formal English and how to structure my writing. – Karolina from Sweden
  • I am more confident about the speaking paper – Isabel from Sweden


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