Read the ‘I love Tti’ competition winning blog post!

Here is the winning blog from our ‘I love Tti’ competition

which we ran with all our long term students this month!

Congrats Kansei and Takaaki!

Kansei Wada and TakaakiHello, How are you, guys?

We will tell you about the good points of our school.
Our fantastic school is officially recognized by the UK government.
We think the reasons are:

The environment
There are many kinds of people at school. We can meet and get along well with them because there is a cafe space where we can chat to each other and drink coffee and juice (for free!) during break time. After classes, Tti always holds social activities where teachers take us to exciting places almost everyday. They are never tired and dull, it’s really awesome!!!!


The classes
They teach us a lot of vocabulary and grammar and they always contextualise into topics, which makes it easier to remember. For example, fashion, business, politics, relationships, personality, appearance, etc… We are never bored because they give us games to play as speaking practice. It is extremely enjoyable because the time passes so very quickly and at the same time it’s easy to memorise and understand.


The teachers
They are very dynamic and give us motivation to study English and they are also careful with students because they ask us what we are unsure about. We feel welcomed and teachers really listen to our questions and that’s why we are eager to study a lot. Finally, We assure you our teachers are really beautiful and handsome!!!

Thanks for participating in this competition guys! 

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