What to do after studying English at Tti? An intern’s perspective – Week 6 – Spring is coming!!!

Hi Everyone, I’m back with my blog!

Today I would like to speak about how amazing London is when you have a sunny day!! Spring is coming!!! Is time to go out and chill in the sunshine!

This weekend the weather was wonderful so I took the opportunity go out to discover new places! When it is sunny Londoners love to go to a park and chill out, play sport or just go for a walk! I took inspiration from them and I decided to go out and discover London’s Parks!

On Saturday I went to explore Finsbury Park in North London which is such a great park with a small coffee’ shop inside.

Finsbury Park


I had a coffee and I sat on a sunny bench and I had a long and relaxing chat with my boyfriend!  We hung out in the park which was full of people running or having a picnic and children playing.

We also explored Finsbury, there are many places and shops and it seemed quite a nice place to live to me.

Sunday was another sunny day in London and this time I walked from my home to Kenwood House and back a total of more than 10 km walking.

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 14.53.01

It was amazing!! The sun was very warm and if I have to describe the park it doesn’t look like a park but more like a forest, with a lot of paths and different kinds of trees and some of them very old. 4053449495_a144c3ecce

There is also a wonderful lake!!  innercircle01In the park there is a very huge coffee shop inside the Kenwood House. We had an early beer in the sun surrounded by people, children, dogs and birds….it seemed like paradise to me! Spring is the best season ever!16529275_4ae7a6c97e_z

If you have enough time you can also visit Kenwood House, and it looks like that. The original house dates from the early 17th century when it was known as Caen Wood House.



Looking down towards Hampstead there is also a wonderful view of London’s skyline and you can sit on a bench and enjoy the amazing view and take stunning photos.

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 15.17.24

After that we walked down to the hill to Hampstead and we had a look around! Hampstead is a really rich part of London and you can see wonderful houses walking along its streets.

So finally we got home a bit tired but very exited about my long weekend in sunny and gorgeous London!!

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