Discover the Nature in Richmond Park!

Our lovely intern Sara spent her Sunday at Richmond Park, enjoying the sunshine with the deer!

Last weekend, finally I decided to go to Richmond Park, since I’ve been living in London (almost 1 year) Richmond Park was one of the things that I really wanted to visit, I don’t know why I waited such a long time before I went there. Richmond Park is in zone 4 in South West London, on the shore of the Thames and it is lovely, of course the park is beautiful, but the area is something breathtaking, it doesn’t even seem to be in London, it is like a small nice village inside London.


Anyway, the park, ah the park was awesome, so huge (be prepared to walk for a long time) and so natural, not artificial (like Hyde Park, beautiful as well, but human made), you really feel to be somewhere else, in a heath, surrounded just by the sound of nature.

The most impressive thing (and famous about this place) is that in there there are roaming deer, and they are a bit used to human being, so it is easy to approach them!



I really recommend to have lunch just outside the park in a glass house , yes it sounds a bit odd, but actually is really nice. ( 



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