Why study English at Tti School of English?

Alex from Spain returned to Tti School of English for the third time this summer! He tells us why he has chosen Tti as his school of choice in London!

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For a long time, I’ve been looking not only for a way to learn and improve my English but also for a school that really gives you the opportunity to practice it at all times. Having these goals in mind, Tti was the right choice to make.


I’ve been a student at Tti three times now, and I am more than satisfied with what the experience has given to me. The first time I came to the school I spent a month doing a general course of English, and both, the teachers and the lessons, made me automatically fall in love with the school. It was so, then the next year I signed up for an Exam Preparation course, in which my English improved considerably and I met some of the most wonderful people I’ll ever meet (including my teacher). Entirely pleased with the school, the results and its staff, who are always willing to help the students, I made up my mind and enrolled in another general course of English, hoping to keep practising and of course, learning English. And as far as I’m through it, I can say without any doubt that I’m completely happy with it, and I will keep attending some courses on and off.


To sum up, Tti is an extraordinary school which makes possible to highly improve your English while having fun and meeting people from all around the world. And for me, being able to study English while having a good time, is what I appreciate the most from the school. Thanks for everything Tti!

Thank you Alex! It is always great to see you at Tti and we are so impressed with your progress.

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