Maryam gives us her takeaways from the ETp Live Conference in Brighton!

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So last Saturday, 18th June, I headed down to sunny old Brighton (which of course wasn’t sunny at all) to attened a CPD by EtpLive. It was a fantastic experience, not just because of how much I learnt but also because I met lots of English teachers and DOS’s from all over the country. The networking part was really interesting as it allowed me to hear about other teachers experiences and how other schools operated, in terms of coursebooks etc. Of course none were as BRILLIANT as Tti, naturally!

The workshops were excellent, I attended three;

  • Lists – how to use the method of lists for vocabulary teaching, interactive games etc.

  • Writing materials – how to create effective materials for students, how to analyse materials etc.

  • Ted talks – how to use TED talks, not just for authentic listening but also for writing reading and speaking.

ETpLive organise and deliver a conference annually and I have to say I already can’t wait for the next one!

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