What are the part time Evening Courses at Tti like?

Here at Tti School we run part time evening classes on Mondays and Wednesdays from 7-9pm. This course is made up of students who live and work here in London. We asked our current students to tell us a bit about themselves and about the evening course. This is what they had to say.


“I am here in London on an adventure! I am now attending the evening courses and I really like the atmosphere and the very interesting lessons. I would recommend the evening classes to everybody who wants to not only improve their language but also meet friendly and sociable people from all over the world.” – Katharina from Poland


“This evening class is very good for me because I can work it around my work schedule. I like that I can speak English with students from other countries. I am really enjoying the class.” – Junko from Japan


“I’m from Italy and I’m here in London to improve my English and enjoy the city. I study in the evening course because during the day I work in a charity – always using my English to improve! The classes are an interesting opportunity to improve your English in a fun way. The teacher is nice and is prepared and the school is well furnished. If you come to London try Tti school in Camden, a beautiful area in the centre of the city.” – Amedeo from Italy


“I’m now living in London because my husband was transferred to the London office. This is a great opportunity for me to improve my English, and so I started my course in Tti because of the convienient location. Since I look after my 18-month-old daughter in the daytime, I chose to come to the Evening classes. I really enjoy the evening class where we do a wide variety of tasks, including grammar, vocabulary, listening and speaking. Jonny, the teacher, is very nice and kind! It is also very fun to communicate with classmates from different countries. I would recommend it to all my friends.” – Mami from Japan

Mami 2

“I was born in Turkey, and I went to Cyprus for university 7 years ago. I came to London in February 2013. I got my work visa and I started living and working here. I study at Tti in the evening because I work in the daytime. I like our teacher because he is good and funny. It was a recommendation to come here and I am really happy with it.” – Hasan from Turkey


Thanks so much to all our evening students who have contributed to this blog! Please follow this link for more details about our school! www.ttischool.com 

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