Farewell blog to Sara! Our student, our coffee bar monitor, our intern and our friend!

Sara Z. has been a fantastic intern at Tti! She has supported us across all our departments in Admin , in Social Media and she has kept up a fantastic weekly blog where she interviewed students, created videos and even wrote us her top tips for living in London! So here is a blog from another former intern, Paola to her dear friend Sara! Thank you Paola for your blog and thank you Sara for all your hard work this summer! :) 

“ I met her last year while I was working at the Coffee Bar and to be honest we didn t get well soon. We are two different people and we dont have anything in common. Well, after one year and spend so much time together I can say my life would have never been the same without her!! I am going to write down 10 things I have learnt about her in all this time ;

  1. She is the laziest person in the world but if you persuade her she can even walk from London Bridge to Westminster

  2. If you want to take a picture of her firstly remember she has to pose and be in the perfect position and secondly don t forget you have to take the picture from above. She can send you to jail if you don t do that!!!!

  3. She hates Brick Lane but try to tell her you are gonna stop at the Bagel shop to have lunch and see who wins….

  4. Her favourite colour ( as you have noticed ) is black and you will never see her wearing a white t shirt!

  5. She would buy all Primark black ankle boots even if she has already twenty of them … just to be sure she will have the change if they break the following day.

  6. When she is in a bad mood don t make her feeling angrier : she can even kill you!!!! Don t listen to her and tell her she is the most beautiful and kindest person in the world!

  7. She will never start a diet in London.. Well… WE will never start a diet! ( too boring and too much effort ! )

  8. Give her one beer and half pint and you will enjoy all night because she will be drunk after the second maybe the third sip!!!

  9. She is the most confident and cheeky person but she is shy for the silliest things in the world that you will never imagine!

  10. If you make her laughing a lot , you will see her eyes dropping some tears and suddenly she won t see anymore!

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