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Hello everyone,

I’ve been an intern for 1 ½ months now and today is my last day at Tti School of English! Some of you may know me, some of you may not – but I know each and every one of you since I can just look you up in the data base…


My time at Tti has come to an end and I have mixed feelings about this. Of course, I am looking forward to seeing my boyfriend and our two lovely cats again but on the other hand I would love to stay here a bit longer – not just in London which is an amazing city with lots of things to see! but also at Tti.

Working at Tti is so completely different than what I have experienced in Germany. I loved the very friendly and ‘easy-going’ atmosphere and I enjoyed every minute of working here. The staff is great, the students as well, and  just as for so many of you, Tti felt like a second home.

Next time I’m in London I will definitely stop by to say Hello. Thanks for everything! Thank you for being so kind and welcoming and letting me take a look at your everyday work life! You are soooo special – in a very positive way! ; )


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